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Resources to support local appeals

Every year, our Christmas Present Appeal (CPA) makes a huge difference to thousands of families across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Through the generosity of the public and business partners, we ensure that children in your community who might miss out on Christmas Day will instead have the joy of opening a gift.

If you are hosting an appeal - or you are a company or community group who is partnering with a local Salvation Army centre - all the promotional resources you need are here.

Christmas Toy Appeal

Christmas Present Appeal

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Personalise your promotional material

You can print off the posters as they are, or personalise them for your use locally. Either print off and write your local information in the space, or type in the editable text box using Adobe Reader, then print.

If you choose to print the materials professionally, why not choose to support your local economy by finding a printing company in your community.

If you are partnering with your local Salvation Army centre please check with them before you use.


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A3 Poster (editable)

Local details can be added using Adobe Reader, or by hand.

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A3 Poster (with bleeds)

This version has printer's bleeds and crop marks for professional printing.

Apêl Anrheg Nadolig - Christmas Present Appeal design in Welsh

A3 Poster in Welsh.pdf

This version has been translated into Welsh.

You will need to open the poster in Adobe Acrobat or Google Chrome to be able to edit the text.


Postcard front x 4 thumbnail

A6 Postcard (Front x 4)

Front design for A6 promotional postcard. 4 per page.

Postcard back x4 thumbnail

A6 Postcard (Back x 4)

Reverse design. Edit one box with info about your local appeal and the other 3 replicate automatically. Please note that the editable box appears blue on the PDF but is actually transparent and does not print in blue.

Digital Promotion

Email Banner

Email Banner

Add this to your email signature or as a header to any emails about your appeal.

Christmas Present Appeal PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template

Use this template for any presentations you do about your appeal.

Christmas Present Appeal Widescreen PowerPoint Template

Widescreen PowerPoint Template

Use this widescreen template for any presentations you do about your appeal.

Christmas Present Appeal banner design

Hosting the appeal?

There are other resources available on OurHub if you're coordinating a local Christmas Present Appeal at a Salvation Army centre.

These include a Toolkit and various templates that will share best practice from across the UK on building local ownership, dealing with incoming requests, getting GDPR right and linking families to your year-round programme.

The PR & Communications team has provided some templates and material that you can use in your local press and social media campaigns.

You'll need to be logged into a Salvation Army device as usual.

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