A Curate’s Promise

The front cover of A Curate's Promise by Margaret Harkness. Photo: A painting of an early nineteenth-century English town with smoking chimneys.

A Curate's Promise

By Margaret Harkness


Set in the East End of London during the First World War, A Curate’s Promise tells the story of Benjamin Digby.

As a minister, he is exempt from the conscription that was introduced in 1916, but his brother – a military officer on the Western Front – sends him a blank cheque to show his gratitude to The Salvation Army for their work supporting soldiers. Digby contacts General Bramwell Booth and requests to be shown the Army’s social work on the home front.

First published in 1921, the novel had been out of print until this new edition, available to mark the centenary of its publication. It presents a picture of the way The Salvation Army was touching lives a century ago, and will encourage those who follow the Army’s work today.

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