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The newest and bestselling releases from the official publisher of The Salvation Army, in the UK Territory with the Republic of Ireland. Titles to encourage and equip. 

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Light Bites

Light Bites by Peter Mylechreest connects scripture with science, literature, history, film, television, and the natural world.

Second Helpings

Second helpings by Peter Mylechreest is a book to dip into for intriguing insights, anecdotes and food for thought.

On the Altar

Written by Salvationist editor Leiut-Colonel Jonathan Roberts, On the Altar investigates the importance of sacrifice.

Flourishing in the Wilderness

Flourishing in the Wilderness by Alice Swain seeks to show how God is with us and teaching us through trials and tribulations.

Growing Gracefully

Growing Gracefully by Catherine Wyles aims to challenge the mind-set that older people are past their best-before date.

Prodigal Mum

Major Catherine Wyles, shares her own experience of a child leaving the faith and examines her personal response.

Blood on the Flag

In Blood on the Flag, Major Nigel Bovey details the history of the Skeleton Army's opposition to Booth's fledgling Salvation Army

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