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Modern Slavery

This is a journey to recovery for modern slavery victims...

Though slavery was abolished in the UK more than 200 years ago, exploitation continues. We are committed to supporting victims - both men and women - of modern slavery. The specialist support programme is designed to preserve the dignity of victims, protect and care for them in safe accommodation, and provide access to confidential client-based support services to give victims the space to reflect, recover and rebuild their lives.

Please call our 24-hour confidential Referral Helpline on 0300 3038151 available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • if you consider yourself to be a victim of modern slavery and are in need of assistance
  • or you are nominated to make referrals to Government services for victims of modern slavery, or simply a concerned individual, who comes into contact with some-one you suspect may be a victim of modern slavery and in need of assistance
  • About Human Trafficking

    We are committed to supporting victims of modern slavery.
  • Signs of human trafficking

    Human trafficking exists in our own, comfortable, local communities here, so everyone should be alert for the signs 
  • Resources

    Day of Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking and Freedom Sunday resources

  • Referring victims

    Identifying victims and ensuring their needs are met

  • Safehouses

    Our safehouses provide a safe and supportive environment for victims to begin healing and recovery 

  • Specialist support

    Providing practical assistance and access to psychological, medical and legal services where needed  

  • Moving on

    Enabling people to move forward with their lives, whether in the UK or back in their home country


  • Latest reports

    Data about the number and profile of victims supported by the service