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On Sundays we are currently worshipping God at:

Fairfield Community Centre, Grove St., off Fairfield Road. M43 6TB

What's On

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  • 3:30pm - 4:45pm Worship Service at Fairfield Community Centre, Grove St., off Fairfield Road. M43 6TB

We really enjoy meeting together on a Sunday.  We discuss what the bible says about a particular topic or story.  We encourage discussion, because we believe that everyone can have an opinion about God and life.  We are a mixed group of people and we welcome anyone and everyone without exception.

As well as discussing parts of the Bible, we usually sing a few songs together, led by our brilliant worship team and we always include activities for children.

We always make time for a cup of tea – usually during the service! – Sometimes we do bacon sandwiches too!

Quote from Jon Bishton, corps officer: “I love the relaxed atmosphere we have at The Salvation Army on a Sunday afternoon.  There’s always space for a cup of tea, a catch up and a conversation.  We really enjoy discussing stuff about God, celebrating God’s love and how he works in the world.  We try and keep it real and we’re open to challenge and discussion.  Because it’s not a really big place, it’s easy to discuss what we believe.”


Christian faith during the week, when our doors are open to offer prgrammes and activities for the whole community.


  • Tuesday

    • 8pm - 10pm Community groups
      • Locations change each week, please phone for details
  • Wednesday

    • 8pm - 10pm Football
      • Wright Robinson College sports pitches
  • Thursday

    • 7pm - 8:30pm Youth Club

Small Groups

  • Tuesday Community Groups

We regularly meet together in someone’s house to talk about life and God and to pray together.  This is a great way to make deeper friendships and to be honest about life with God.  

Quote from Graham Boxall, church member: “This is a great way to make deeper friendships and to be honest about life with God.”


  • Junior Football Training at Wright Robinson Sport College

Junior Football Training creates an environment for young people aged 13-16 years to improve their football skills doing drills and games.  It offers a healthy use of their time and seeks to instil in the young people respect for others both people and property. We seek to develop their fitness and individual skills as well as their ability to work as part of a team.

We are seeking to begin to arrange fixtures for the spring and summer months as we begin to develop our team.

This is a great time to engage young people in a sport environment.

Quote from young person attending: ‘At football training we play fair, we get to play with our friends, and we do good training drills. We work hard and pray before the start of each session.’​

  • Youth Club - Thursday Night Live at Sporting Edge Centre, 1 Silverlace Ave, Openshaw. M11 1GN

Our Youth Club aims to engage young people of east Manchester in different sessions which seek to help their development. We are passionate about challenging stereotypes both of young people and among young people.

We have once a month life sessions, team challenge night, female V.I.P. We also have detached sessions where we seek to engage with young people on the streets of Openshaw and surrounding area. Our youth club aims to be a supportive and challenging environment for young people to help them grow as individuals.

A main part of this is challenging their view of life and purpose helping them to think through life issues. We also have mentoring for more one to one and small group development which is important in building healthy relationships with the young people.

Each term we plan a trip with the young people who are members of our youth group. All in all we try to have a good environment for young people and one in which they are challenged to develop in positive ways.

The youth club is for the young people to develop relationships and seek to offer encouragement and support in years that can be very challenging. We aim to make it fun also and for the young people to be able to enjoy their time at our youth club. It’s great to see young people progress and mature, making it worth all the effort.  It’s also great for the community to see transformation through young people.

Quote from young person attending: ‘Youth Club is amazing! It’s free to get in, and we do end of term trips! We play table tennis, PS3 and I get to spend time with my mates.’

Community Service

  • Food parcels

We run a small food bank for local people in need.  We donate about three days of food to people, provided they have been referred by another relevant agency.  We always take time to listen to people and will provide them with additional contacts for further help whenever we can.  Because our food bank relies on donations, we are happy to hear from anyone who wants to donate non-perishable food to us.  

  • Money management and Budgetting

We can help you go through a structured process to make up your own budget to help you take better control of your money.  Please ring our office on 0161 371 5044 to make an appointment.

  • Bereavement

While we do not offer official bereavement counselling, we do understand grief.  We will happily listen to you whatever your story.  We will try and help you make sense of what is happening.  Please ring our office on 0161 371 5044 to make an appointment.

  • Schools

At various times and locations including Wright Robinson College, East Manchester Academy, Loreto Sixth Form College and St. Clements Primary School.

We deliver Citizenship and RE lessons in local high schools plus occasional assemblies as well as working in local primary schools.

Quote from Pete Askew, schools-work lead for OCC: “It is a privilege to play a part in the life of local schools. The Q&A sessions with teenagers are always a great challenge because we never know what we’re going to be asked (Heaven, the Illuminati, drugs, miracles etc). We have been able to share some of our life experiences as well as Christian perspectives on various issues, and we have developed a specialism in drugs education, creating an online follow-up resource – – which includes video interviews with recovering addicts who we know and which has over 4,000 hits from all over the world in less than 2 years.”

For more information, please contact our office on 0161 371 5044.

Charity Shop

Opening Times:
  • Monday - Friday 10am - 4:30pm
  • Saturday 12pm - 4:30pm

Stocks clothes, toys, books, bedding, electricals, bric-a-brac and welcomes donations within opening hours. All the money raised goes to support our work in East Manchester

1319 Ashton Old Road
Openshaw, Manchester (Greater)
United Kingdom
M11 1JS
Phone: 0161 371 5044

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