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5th - 7th October 2018 

When Jesus called the first disciples, he didn't give them a statement of faith to sign up to, he didn't correct their existing theology - he simply asked them to follow him. To drop their nets, and follow him. 

So often in our work with children and young people, we focus on what the call means to them – how do we shape them into disciples of Christ? 

But what about us? In our busyness... In our ministries... what does it mean for us to drop our nets and follow Jesus?

This Autumn’s retreat for youth and children’s workers won’t feel like a traditional conference. There won’t be seminar streams or workshops. You won’t leave with 10 practical ideas to jazz up your ministry. Instead there will be space for you to encounter Jesus afresh, space to journey and laugh and wonder and dream, space to be reminded that our primary calling is to be disciples. We're delighted that Chick and Margaret Yuill will be leading us through the weekend. 

Our Theme

Stories to get yourself killed

Sunday. Jesus enters Jerusalem and is greeted like a hero. Crowds line the streets, the city is buzzing with expectation. Years of circling the country, building his reputation healing the sick, bringing in those on the margins,  and finally, he’s arrived.

Friday. Jesus, stripped of his clothes and his dignity is nailed to a cross and killed, like a common criminal an enemy of the state. The crowds demand his execution. His friends and followers flee, utterly dejected, dismayed - all hope vanquished. 

What’s happened in this gap? Over the six days that week, Jesus told some stories. Six stories in six days, to be precise. Stories which upset his friends, his followers and those in power. Stories which got him killed.

What were these stories? What do they tell us about the upside-down nature of the kingdom? How do we live in light of them?

But more than that, what are the stories which need to be told today? How do we begin to tell stories which upset, provoke and put our position in the kingdom above our place and position in society?


Barony Castle Hotel, Peebles, Scotland EH45 8QW


£150.00 (Single room) and £125.00 (Shared room) per person.

To book, please complete and download the booking and credit card forms.

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Food, entrance to the retreat, accommodation and use of spa facilities included in ticket price.