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Women and God Weekend

Welcome to Women and God 2018!

Women and God is our national annual gathering for women to 'explore, learn and grow' and celebrate what it means to be a Woman of God.

This year our theme is PRICE TAG; The Cost of Living

We'd love you to  join to our growing community of 'WAG' Women, in person at the Hayes Conference Centre from 22 - 24 June.

It has also been brilliant to see divisions running Women and God events and during the weekend, we'll be exploring how to take the Women and God ethos back to your own Corps and community. What would a Women and God ''LOCAL'  look like?

If you can't make the weekend and want to be part of the Women and God Community, you can join us on our Facebook page here, where we will be uploading information and ideas, as well as keeping in touch here too!

If you attended last year, a booking form is on it's way to you and Corps will be receiving a poster and example booking forms, but the best way to get the forms is to download them here.

Download forms and poster for Women and God 2018 below:

Booking Form

Payment Form

Poster [pdf]

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