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Give water and you give life to a community. 

Help us give water and give life

We’re living in exciting times – more people now have access to clean water than ever before. In recent years millions more people have received access to water that’s clean and safe for the very first time.

We’ve seen groups of women dance for joy thanking God for the difference that this has made to the lives of them and their families. We’ve seen young boys stronger because they no longer get sick from water-borne diseases. We’ve seen little girls smarter because they are able to spend longer in school rather than having to help fetch water for the family.

But the work’s not finished yet. Despite this, there are still 663 million people going without clean water – 1 in every 10 people on the planet who still don’t have access to this basic, yet vital resource.

Access to water is vital in the fight to end extreme poverty. Access to clean water improves health, hygiene, education and productivity. It increases crop yields, reduces infections and gives children more time to spend in school. In fact, for every £1 invested in water and sanitation in a community, £8 is returned in increased productivity.

Give water and you really do give life to communities.



Take the Tap Water Challenge

Water is precious. It is vital to our lives. Whilst billions of people now have access to clean water, 663 million people still don't. Through Watershed, The Salvation Army is helping communities to access this vital resource. 

By taking the TAP WATER CHALLENGE you could help us Give Water and Give Life to everyone who needs it. 

The challenge is simple: Give up teas, coffees, fizzy drinks etc and drink only tap water for two weeks (you can still eat what you like), and ask your friends and family to sponsor you (using our Offline Sponsorship Form). The money you raise will support The Salvation Army's water and sanitation projects around the world. 



Donate to WATERSHED and help communities gain access to clean and safe water . You can donate now in the following ways:

  • Online donation​
  • By phone – 020 7367 4777
  • By post – Send a cheque made payable to ‘The Salvation Army’ with a cover note saying the donation is for WATERSHED projects. Send your cheque to:

The Salvation Army International Projects Office, 101 Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6BN, United Kingdom


The resources that make up the Watershed Action Pack will give you everything you need to GIVE WATER and GIVE LIFE.

Below you will find videos, case stories, PowerPoint presentations and loads of resources for all ages. 



Water is Life

Nawoitorong School

Tawa Community


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Youth Resources

Schools Resources

Kids Resources

Helping-Hand Appeal Resources

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