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Video: Homeless young people release rap tribute to Lifehouse centre

Homeless young people have written and recorded their own rap in tribute to The Salvation Army Lifehouse centre where they have found shelter and support.

Available on YouTube, the rap ‘Feels Like I Made It’ celebrates the newly rebuilt and modernised Springfield Lodge Lifehouse in Southwark that offers a new start for young homeless people.

More than a hostel, The Salvation Army Springfield Lodge Lifehouse offers activities and training and a range of vocational and practical life skills courses to young people aged 16 – 21 to help them overcome the causes of homelessness.

Up to 40 residents at a time can be accommodated in the Lifehouse, which includes studio flats, an employment resource centre, communal kitchens, a chicken coop and the Bare Beats music studio which was used to record the rap song.

Centre manager Ivan Congreve, says: “We’re so proud of our young people and how they are working hard to transform their lives. Our young men and women have told us that our centre is a safe haven where they can be themselves.

“Everything we do at Springfield Lodge Lifehouse is aimed at growing independence, self-worth and helping people feel accepted for who they are and not what they have done in the past.

“This includes our Bare Beats recording studio where our young guys can thrive and develop friendships and social skills among their own peer group, through the medium of music.”