Coronavirus Crisis

Supporting local communities through our food banks

For over 150 years The Salvation Army have been there for the most vulnerable in our communities. Now their need is greater than ever as a result of the pandemic. 

At The Salvation Army we run food banks from our centres across the UK year-round, but as a result of the pandemic we have expanded them further to try and meet the increasing demand. We are using our local networks to reach people who can no longer feed themselves or their families and are cut off from other sources of support.

In Reading, The Salvation Army Corps (church) has transformed their building into a local hub to accept donations of food to help those in need, such as the newly unemployed or the over 70's. Our staff and volunteers are then packing and delivering boxes of essential food supplies to those who need it throughout the area.

Our Worcester Corps have been busy supplying meals for vulnerable people in their community, and recently provided their 10,000th meal since lockdown began.

We will continue to be there for people in need during the pandemic and in the aftermath. Please support our work today.