The Salvation Army works in some of the poorest communities across the UK running foodbanks, providing shelter to the homeless and helping people to find work and manage their debts. 

We are calling on the Government to invest its Levelling Up Fund in the most deprived areas to help local people move out of poverty. 
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John has lived in and around the Hastings area for most of his life. When he and his partner split up, he lost his job, found himself homeless and ended up sleeping rough in a tent on the beach.

The pandemic hit our communities in many different ways. Read stories from people who have been helped with our support.

Meet Jodie

Jodie's life was turned upside down when her fiancé lost his job at the start of the pandemic.

Meet Sophie

“When I put money in The Salvation Army collecting tin last Christmas, I never thought I would need their help.”

Meet Jo

Droitwich Salvation Army is continuing to keep in contact with its older people throughout Christmas.

Homelessness Support Services 

We provide services and a friendly ear for those experiencing homelessness. Below you can hear from some people we've helped get back on their feet. 


“The staff here make me feel so welcome, they’re so helpful and they always go the extra mile and everyone here makes you feel you’re part of something.”


“Since I’ve been here, it’s saved my life. It’s unbelievable. Being here and being around people socially is great as being on my own is difficult for me. The support you get here is amazing.”


“They didn’t close the door on me. I'm not the easiest person to deal with in terms of my addiction but my support worker is always willing to work with me rather than against me.”

The Salvation Army is always looking for new and innovative ideas to improve the services that we provide for people, especially for vulnerable rough sleepers. 

The Nap Pad project uses microwave technology to ensure rough sleepers seeking shelter are safe. The pads have been designed by Protectal Ltd with The Salvation Army.

They provide temporary accommodation to help people who are finding it difficult to get off the streets and into accommodation.


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With the help from our Early Intervention Project, based in York, Jay is finally able to get his life back on track after he became homeless aged 17 due to a relationship breakdown.

Employment Plus 

We offer a personalised approach to help people back into work. Hear from some of our success stories. 


"Since I’ve been at Employment Plus, they’ve built up my confidence and helped me with approaching employers to find work and with doing job interviews."


" I now feel more positive about my future after having experienced unemployment."


"Volunteering here has given me something to put on my CV and boosted my self-respect and confidence."

Meet our brilliant volunteers

We are so incredibly grateful to the 39,000 volunteers and church members who have donated countless hours of their time to helping with services such as our food banks and hubs during the last year.

Meet John

John is one of our fantastic volunteers, who provides transport for rescued victims of modern slavery to our safe houses as a driver.


“I’m humbled and very privileged to do it. You see lots of people needing support and you see how it helps.”


“Volunteering with The Salvation Army gives you an amazing feeling. I’d definitely recommend volunteering to anyone.”


“Volunteering helps my mental health. It allows me to give something back to my community.”

In the community 

We are working in local communities to support the most vulnerable. Meet some of the people we have helped through our work.


“We come here because we’re so welcome… it gives us something to do in the community, another reason to meet up with people… they welcome anybody.”

Ndjoli Marie

"The course through The Salvation Army has motivated me to eventually open my own nursery, and to have the confidence that I can do more than I thought possible.”

Major Fiona

Major Fiona Mugford, a Salvation Army officer and registered nurse, balances leading a church with shifts at her local hospice.