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Speaking personally

War Cry Editor, Major Nigel Bovey, leaves his final comment

Since my first comment as Editor in 1999, the world has changed immensely

 FOR the last time, I pause to reflect on what ethical, political, social or spiritual issue to highlight in this column. For the first time, I write personally.

Since my first Comment as Editor in 1999, the world has changed immensely. Back then, the major technological crisis was whether the millennium bug would rob us of our computers. Today, a whole generation steals away for as long as it can into the realm of social media. For many, it is a world ruled by FOMO (the fear of missing out), ‘celebrity’ twitterings, self-promotion and the accumulation of ‘friends’. For some, it is a dark domain of trolling, sexual abuse and Islamist recruitment.

The emergence of social media testifies to a basic human need – we long for connection; we yearn for relationship.

The advance of medical technology has raised ethical challenges. Since 1999, the law has allowed embryonic stem-cell research, the creation of ‘saviour siblings’ and gene editing. At the heart of such technology is the concept that human life is precious.

Some scientists have promoted the new atheism theory that scientific advancement equals the irrelevance of God – that science alone can explain how life came about. Such posturing, though, belies the need to answer an essential existentialist human question: why am I here? A question whose answer lies beyond science.

To this ever-moving culture, The War Cry has presented the availability, challenge and life-enhancing reality of Christian faith. After 23 years on the War Cry staff, I remain convinced of the following:

There is no part of human experience to which God is irrelevant. Everyone needs to find peace with God before their precious life is over. God offers everyone – no matter what they’ve done or had done to them – an eternal relationship with him when they put their trust in his Son, Jesus.

Thank you for reading. May you discover the joy of God’s grace.

And that, dear reader, is my final comment.

Nigel Bovey


Editor, The War Cry

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