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Sean turned his life around living at Lefroy House

Sean is 18 years old. His father was not in his life, and he and his sister were raised in Dublin by his mother. He was unhappy and lonely as a child as he was left to his own devices each day after school when he went home to an empty house.

I lost a bit of my talent when I took drugs. But now I’ve picked myself up and am jogging and boxing."

As he grew older he began to spend more time out of the house. He played football from the age of 8 and was a talented player. He got in with the wrong crowd and started smoking weed, as he said himself “Drugs are no good they drift you away from what you really want – they decrease your motivation”. Eventually the family lost their home and at the age of 16 Sean was moved into state care.

Of his time in care Sean said “It was better in care for me, I felt lonely and abandoned, it was better than home, it was clean and there were people there who looked out for you. I did better, studied better and went to school.  If my family had had a better place to live we would have done fine, we didn’t hate each other.  It was a new start when our house went, we are better now a new start for us all”.

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Dublin is home to four of our lifehouses offering practical support to men and women of all ages

Sean has been offered a scholarship to play football in America.  He says of the days he took drugs “I lost a bit of my talent when I took drugs. But now I’ve picked myself up and am jogging and boxing. I like the boxing as well as the football, boxing has many people like me who have had a hard time in their lives.”

Sean came to live in Lefroy House when he turned 18. Lefroy House is a residential programme for young people run by the Salvation Army in Dublin.  Staff in Lefroy House support Sean to continue with his studies so that he can attain the qualifications he needs either to take up a sports scholarship or to study in his chosen field.  As he says himself “I’ve started fresh, everything else is left behind, I look after myself here and I take the help I’m given”. 

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