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They're only half right: Science contradicts the Bible

They're Only Half Right

Chick Yuill looks at what some people think Christians believe

Truth is a little more complex and great deal more wonderful

IT is said so often, and I can under-stand why. Science presents us with a universe that is billions of years old, galaxies that are light years away from our planet and an ongoing pro­cess by which animals and plants have evolved over generations from simple life forms into the variety of species we know today. It all seems very different from the account of Creation in the Bible, where God speaks the world and its inhabitants into existence in six short days.

Science and the Bible can’t both be true, the argument goes, and sensible folk will cast their vote for science. After all, so much of what makes our lives pleasant and safe – electricity, communications and modern medicine, to name but a few – we owe to science. But that’s not a choice we need to make. The truth is a little more complex and a great deal more wonderful than that.

Here’s a simple analogy. Ask the edi­tor how this issue of the War Cry came into existence and he’ll speak about editorial meetings, arranging for staff to write various articles and finding the right visual images to match the text. In short, he’ll tell you about the creative stuff that makes this magazine a reality.

But if you go to the printers with the same question, they’ll tell you about ink and paper and printing presses and the latest techniques involved in the production of a weekly publication. They’ll give you a completely different story.

No sensible person would suggest that one of them is lying. They’re simply giving you truth from two different perspectives. And that’s how science and the Bible relate to each other.

Science is about how things happen – the processes of life. The Bible, on the other hand, is about the why of things – the pur­pose of life.

Science helps to make our time on this earth much more comfortable. And we’re all grateful for that. But it’s the Bible that can give us the answer to why we’re here and what it all means.

And I’d suggest that knowing our pur­pose is the most important thing of all.

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