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Salvationist is a weekly 24-page magazine for members and friends of The Salvation Army. 

With news, features, Bible studies and much more, Salvationist is essential reading for anyone linked to The Salvation Army.


This week -  14 July issue

This week in Salvationist…

… ‘We’ve got good news!’ The Messengers of the Gospel Session are taking it to the streets! Read the editor’s comment here:

Also this week:

  • Article of the Week: Lieut-Colonel David Kelly urges us to get ready for a downpour. Share your thoughts with Salvationist on Facebook and join the conversation!
  • A lasting smile: In an excerpt from his book Light Bites Major Peter Mylechreest reminds us that looks can be deceptive
  • Community and Events Fundraising Manager Angela Carlucci (THQ) introduces two people who are planning to trek the Alps and challenges us to join them                 

Get an early look at the Editor's comment here

Check out our article of the week here 


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