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The Salvation Army welcomes entry of the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive

The Salvation Army welcomes the entry into force today of the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive. As an international organisation we are conscious of how valuable it is for Europe to take concerted action on the insidious problem of human trafficking which devastates so many lives across the European community and beyond.

The Salvation Army has been successfully delivering the Government's Adult Victim Support Contract for nearly two years now. This has highlighted the key countries in Europe from which victims of trafficking come to the UK.

Data collected at the 18-month point of our contract indicated that, of the top 10 most common countries of origin for individuals supported by The Salvation Army, six are EU member states: Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. Seventeen UK nationals have been trafficked into forced labour in other EU countries.

We believe that it is vital for all agencies working in this field to build effective links with those countries to provide the best protection and support for victims of human trafficking.

As new patterns and trends of victim profiles are identified and the modus operandi of traffickers becomes more evident, it is increasingly important that agencies such as The Salvation Army are able to share information and work with partners across Europe. We are continuing to work closely with our partner agencies in the UK and the Ministry of Justice to ensure our service meets all the standards set out in the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive and we constantly review and improve our service to ensure the best support possible is available to the vulnerable people delivered into our care.