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The Salvation Army welcomes Crimestoppers campaign in fight to tackle human trafficking

The Salvation Army welcomes a campaign by Crimestoppers to fight human trafficking by encouraging the UK public to pass on information about forced labour exploitation anonymously.  We are thankful for every effort to raise awareness as the public can play a vital role in helping to bring potential victims of human trafficking into safety and ultimately stamping out this horrendous crime against humanity.

Major Anne Read, The Salvation Army Anti-Human Trafficking Response Coordinator said: “The impact of being trafficking on the lives of those who are referred to The Salvation Army’s care can be devastating as shown by the story the young woman featured in the Crimestoppers campaign.  It is therefore of paramount importance that we are actively engaged in ensuring they receive the protection and care needed as they begin to recover from this ordeal and start to rebuild their lives.  We hope that this excellent campaign by Crimestoppers will be the means by which many more victims will be rescued from this all too prevalent evil."

Help fight against human trafficking by watching and sharing our video, mention #readthesigns on Twitter and encourage those in the know to pass on any information to Crimestoppers, safe in the knowledge we will never disclose the identity of any caller.

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The Salvation Army has been providing adult victims of human trafficking in England and Wales with safe, secure and appropriate accommodation and support through The Ministry of Justice Adult Victim Care and Coordination Contract since 2011.

The Salvation Army encourages anyone who might have information surrounding human trafficking to contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via their secure online form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org.