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Salvation Army in The Philippines Responds to Requests for Increased Medical Assistance

International Emergency Services Field Operator Damaris Frick reports from The Philippines that The Salvation Army's typhoon response is “going well”, and that relief teams are overseeing a variety of activities.

Damaris said: “I joined the medical team yesterday morning to see them in action. It was well organised and running smoothly. In the morning I was with them they saw 59 patients.”

As has been previously reported, the medical team – consisting of Salvation Army personnel and representatives– is working in an area called Dulag. The team is rotating between six barangays (the Filipino word for a small administrative district) but has been asked by the Mayor's office in Dulag to spread their work to other parts of the area.

Plans are in place to extend the medical service to Nula Tula, and an expected increase in personnel will allow the team to split and cover two places simultaneously.

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The Salvation Army has been asked by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to assess the situation at some of the smaller evacuation sites on Leyte Island.

Food pack distribution continues in various parts of Tacloban, with 131 families assisted yesterday and a further 375 scheduled to be helped at two locations today.

Away from Leyte, assistance continues to be given to communities in Cebu, Panay Island and other places that suffered typhoon damage.

To find out how you can help rebuild these communities visit here or call 0800 473 0088.

Photos from The Philippines can be viewed here

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