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Explore It, Faith@Home, Cell Outlines, Upbeat, Athlos, Well Being and more.

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Online worship ideas, Into the Wild, Prayer Matters, Venture Out, An ACT of Worship and more.

Key Dates/Events Resources

Christmas, Covenant Sunday, Climate Sunday and more.

Community Engagement Resources

Get OWT, community and Intercultural outreach, volunteering and more.

Schools Resources

Primary and Secondary Seasonal Assemblies, RE, History, Citizenship, Ultimate Church Visit and more.

Coronavirus Response Resources

Resources to support you in your worship and discipleship during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Racial Justice Sunday

Racial Justice Sunday - 13 Feb

A call for all Christians to engage in the righteous struggle for racial justice.

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Covenant Sunday 2022

Being Together - Living in God's Covenant

Primary Pupils

For primary pupils learning about The Salvation Army.

Cell Outlines

Compelling Bible resources for ages 12 - 25. The current material is specially adapted for engaging with your group online.


Weekly resources for mid-week groups. Latest Sessions: 2022 resources for Helping-Hand, January, February and March.

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Resourcing the Mission Priorities

Visit the Mission Service’s webpage to see the range of resources, training, inspiration and general support offered for each of the 5 Mission Priorities

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Music resources

Music resources to support the mission of The Salvation Army

Youth and children

We raise leaders and young people in the tradition of social change and justice.

Prayer Resources

Inspiring, informing and challenging people to develop their prayer life.

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Explore our resources to helps transform lives internationally