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Side-by-Side is a model of being with young people during a time of social distancing.

Working safely within Covid-19 guidance and restrictions, Side-by-Side is a walk and talk befriending scheme, in which a committed and consistent adult ‘befriender’ from outside the family home will meet regularly with a young person for a short walk – and talk!

The target age group for young people is 7 to 17 years, but in some instances this model would also work with younger children or older teenagers. It is anticipated that Side-by-Side can be used with children and young people already in the corps, as well as those in the community who are usually in contact with the corps via the various youth and children’s programmes.

Below you can download a comprehensive package of documents to help you set up and run Side-by-Side in your community. If you need additional guidance or support please get in touch with the Youth & Children's Ministries Unit who will be happy to advise.

Befriender and young person sat on a bench

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Side-by-Side Salvationist Article

Side-By-Side Salvationist Article

Major Helen Schofield introduces Side-by-Side, a resource to help
support young people during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Last Saturday I met and walked with a young person from my youth group. This brought a smile, laughter and much needed hope and distraction. We simply walked and talked, side by side. But that hour brought so much joy to both of us. An hour on a Saturday morning truly well spent!
Salvation Army Youth Worker

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