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As part of the Programme Service at Territorial Headquarters, Research & Development drives innovative projects the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland by:​

  • Generating knowledge
  • Informing decisions
  • Empowering development

Generating knowledge

The majority of our work is strategically aimed at spring-boarding projects across the Territory, in conjunction with various internal and external partners, including our churches, Services departments, Salvation Army Housing Association, Homes & Communities Agency, Local Authority and City Councils, and many others.

Informing decisions

Our renowned Research team provides comprehensive analyses and statistical reports for any and every project requiring background information.  Their expertise includes support most frequently in the following areas:

  • Demographic profiles
  • Feasibility studies
  • Specialist research reports / studies 

  Empowering development

Research & Development comprises 3 Research & Development Managers who project manage both programme and building development from Inception to Feasibility, in addition to the Director and Deputy Director who project manage as well.

  • Project Steering Groups (PSGs)
  • Mission Development Plans (MDPs)
  • Building works
  • Programme introduction and / or enhancement

Tel: 020 7367 4859