Second Helpings by Peter Mylechreest

second helpings book cover

Second Helpings

Peter Mylechreest


How can a chain reaction be positive rather than destructive? How can chips and apple pies result in a change of focus? How can a Civil Rights anthem help describe God’s mysterious Spirit?

Reluctant goalkeepers, urban myths, cuckoos, ice-cream wars, bank robbers, harps and even Blackpool Tower are in the wide range of subjects covered in Second Helpings.

In his down-to-earth, accessible style Major Peter Mylechreest highlights how everyday events, people, places, the natural world, science, history, sport, television, films and literature all provide illustrations for many aspects of the Christian life including grace, forgiveness, compassion, faith and transformation. Not intended as a deeply devotional work nor a theological treatise, but a book to dip into for intriguing insights, anecdotes and food for thought.

Jesus once said, ‘My food is to do what God wants!’ (John 4:34 CEV)  Here, in 100 bite-size portions, is spiritual food to encourage, enlighten and challenge.

If you'd like to try a taster, you can download the first chapter here