On the Altar by Leiut-Colonel Jonathan Roberts

On the Altar book cover

On the Altar

Jonathan Roberts

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Written by Salvationist editor Leiut-Colonel Jonathan Roberts, On the Altar investigates the importance of sacrifice. Exploring how the New Testament uses the words ‘sacrifice’ and ‘offering’ to describe familiar aspects of Christian Life – praying, praising, serving, doing good, giving and witnessing. On the Altar invites us to consider how these practices can be part of our response to the sacrifice of Jesus and the call to be a ‘living sacrifice’ (Romans 12:10)

Ideal for new Christian’s exploring the life of faith and service, On the Altar will also refresh experienced in the way of sacrifice, discovering for themselves that in sacrifice do we find freedom and fulfilment.

Divided in accessible sections, each with its own reflection for discussion written by Leiut-Colonel Jayne Roberts, On the Altar is an ideal resource Lent reflections or study groups.

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