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App support for The War Cry, Salvationist and Kids Alive! digital editions

Using This Application

There are three different tabs within this application;

My Editions


Simply tap a tab to move to the page you want to view. To read, download or purchase editions, you will be using the My Editions screen – so this help will centre on the use of that screen and navigating through the editions themselves.

My Editions

Available Editions

This screen contains a grid view of all available editions, allowing you to view your downloaded editions, download new editions and delete existing editions. The first time you launch the application, you’ll see a grid of available editions, along with their prices (or free for free items).

Purchase/Download My Edition

Simply tap on an edition to see its’ description - if you’d like to purchase (or download it in the case of free items), tap on the blue price (or the word free as relevant), at the top of the screen. For sale items will then prompt you to enter your Apple account password.

Downloading My Edition

You will then be returned to the My Editions screen, and your edition will begin downloading. Although performance will be best on fully downloaded editions, you don’t have to wait for it to finish to start reading - simply tap on the front cover.

Delete My Edition

To delete any editions from your device, simply tap and hold the front cover on the My Editions screen and you’ll be given the option to delete.

Reading Editions

Viewing Mode

Once you’ve launched an edition, there are a standard set of controls that you can use to navigate and read comfortably. Firstly, you can read in either portrait or landscape mode – where you’ll see two pages at once – simply rotate the device for your preference.

Turning The Page

To turn pages, simply swipe left

or right.


Tap on the side of the screen in the direction you’d like to turn and the page will turn.

Zoom In & Out

To zoom closer into a page, simply double tap on the screen with one finger or pinch to zoom. To zoom out, either pinch out, or single tap with two fingers.


To move quickly to select articles, tap once on any page and tap the table of contents icon on the bottom toolbar. This will give you a list of items to navigate to, usually including the front cover and contents page of the edition.


For editions with search enabled, you'll see a search bar on the top toolbar. Simply tap the search box then type your search term. Tapping on any search result will take you to the page, and highlight your term on the page for easy reference


For editions with sharing enabled, you'll see an envelope icon on the bottom toolbar. Tap the icon, and if you have email set up on your device, the application will open a new email, attach a copy of the page you were looking at, along with a default message, ready for you to share.

Exit The Edition

To leave an edition, single tap on the page, and tap the back button at the top left.

Interacting with your Edition

Reactive to Touch

Certain items on the pages of your edition are reactive to your touch. These items are normally shown with a coloured box. They can lead to external websites, turn you to another page, or help you in sending an email. In all cases, you’ll be informed what they do when you tap on them.

Play Video

An exception to the above is on-page video. You’ll see a frame of the video, overlaid with a play icon – simply tap to play. You can pinch to zoom the video to full screen (or tap the handy button on the video play controls).

Rotate Video

Once full screen, feel free to rotate the video to your preference, and scale it up using the button at the top right of the screen.

Thumbnail Navigation

You can browse through your editions using thumbnail navigation. In order to show the thumbnail view make sure you are zoomed out and have the toolbar hidden, then simply swipe upwards or, if viewing on iPad , tap near the bottom of the screen.

Use the bottom slider to move quickly from the front of the edition to the back, and swipe through the thumbnails, tapping to select which page to open. Tapping the pushpin icon on the right will allow you to keep the thumbnail navigation open and preview selected pages. To exit thumbnail navigation either swipe back down or tap on the page.


Certain editions may contain slideshows. When reading those editions, simply tap the slideshow button and you'll be launched into the slideshow view. You can swipe through the images and double tap on any of them to zoom in. Captions will appear automatically, if created by the publisher.

Once zoomed in, if the picture allows it, you can zoom in further using the pinch gesture. Pinch to zoom back out.

To exit slideshow view tap on the close button at the top right.

Text View

If you’d prefer to see a text view of the edition, instead of the rich view normally seen in editions, single tap on the page, and tap the text view icon. You will then be taken to a text view of the edition, at the page you were on in the rich view.

Increase Font Size

You can then increase the font size (instead of zooming) by using the font controls on the toolbar.

Videos view

To view all of the videos included with an edition, simply tap on the page, then on the video icon in the toolbar. Swipe to navigate through videos, and tap to play them.

Video Downloading

If enabled, your application will ask you whether you wish to download any contained video with your edition (so that you can watch it without an internet connection), or watch it on demand (requiring an internet connection). Selecting on demand will save space on your device, and make the download of your edition faster; this is useful if you nearly always have an internet connection on your device.

Even if you’ve chosen to watch the video on demand you can save it for offline viewing by tapping the ‘keep’ button at the top left of the video, downloading and storing it on your device.



If available, recurring subscriptions will be shown in the My Editions screen, and subscribing is simple: Tap on the subscription you’d like, and then on the duration option you’d prefer.

Enter your Apple account password. You'll be asked if you wish to receive communication from the publisher of the magazine - opt in or out (the publisher may offer an incentive of extra subscription time for opting in). The application will take you back to the My Editions screen, where the latest edition will now be available to view.

To manage your subscriptions, use iTunes to manage your account, where you can see all of your current subscriptions, and modify them at will.

Subscription History

Whilst logged in, a Subscriptions tab will appear at the bottom of your application – this tab is for your records and contains a list of your purchased subscriptions, current and past, along with the expiry dates.

Push Notifications

When a new item is released to your subscription, or when your subscription is about to run out, we’ll send you a push notification to remind you – these will appear as blue message boxes on your device.

A numbered red badge will also appear over the app’s icon, indicating how many new items have been added. This update will also be available to non-subscribers.

Push notifications are only enabled if you choose to – and you can always change your push notification settings in future by entering the Settings app on your device.

Application Settings

Settings for your application can be accessed within the Settings application on your device. You will see a section on the left inside that application with the name of your application - tap on it to change its' settings.

Page Mode

Choose between viewing a single page at a time, two pages at a time, or one page when in portrait orientation, two in landscape orientation (called switch page mode on rotate).

Landscape Zoom Mode

Choose between showing the entire page at once when in landscape, or filling the screen as much as possible when in landscape (meaning that if the page is taller than the screen, you'll need to scroll).

Device Troubleshooting

If the app crashes, please ensure that you do not have too many other apps open.

If your app fails to launch correctly/crashes when in use, please ensure you have closed all other apps from the device.

To do so, double tap the home button to reveal the list of running apps and long press on the first icon in the list, select the X in the upper left corner of each icon to clear the apps from memory.

Tap the home button once more to return to the apps, restart the device via simply turning it off and on again, then try to launch the app again.

If a download gets stuck

In the event an edition download becomes stuck and freezes, long press on the edition icon and select "Cancel Download"then attempt the download again.

If the edition becomes stuck a second time, exit the app and repeat steps in the "app fails to launch/crashes" section to remove running apps from the device memory.

Restart the device via simply turning it off and back on again, and try downloading again.

If the pages don't rotate when you turn your device.

When turning your device from portrait to landscape and vice versa, and you find the screen is not converting as it should, check the switch on the side of your device. This can be used to lock the screen rotation or mute the device.

To change this setting, go into Settings > General > Use Side Switch to: Lock Rotation/Mute. Select the option you require.