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Portsmouth Salvation Army Band Wades into Christmas Chart Battle with Performance for Terry Wogan and Aled Jones' Children In Need Christmas Single

The Salvation Army has been helping create some Christmas cheer by recording with world famous singer Aled Jones, Sir Terry Wogan, and New Zealander Hayley Westenra as well as electric string quartet BOND for this year’s Christmas Single, in aid of BBC Children in Need.

“Christmas Dream” will help raise money to support disadvantaged children and young people in the UK with all profits from the single going to the BBC Children in Need charity.

It’s the third time Aled Jones and Terry Wogan have produced a Christmas single – with their 2008 version of the Bing Crosby and David Bowie classic Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth reaching number three in the UK music charts. Sir Terry’s Floral Dance also reached number 21 in 1978, while Jones enjoyed a number Five hit in 1985 with Walking In The Air. Sir Terry Wogan said: “The Salvation Army are generous guys and girls of course, and it always an honour to work with them. The Salvation Army are wonderful – it’s been great to work with the band as they’re very talented musicians and an inspiration. They do a lot of great work at Christmas time and all year round so it’s great to have them on our Christmas single, in aid of BBC Children in Need.”

Dean Jones, sub-editor in The Salvation Army’s Music Ministries Unit put together the musical arrangement for BOND as well as the Portsmouth Citadel band. He said: “It’s been a lovely opportunity to get involved with something that brings happiness to children at Christmas. As a Church and charity we’re there for people who are isolated or in need in every community and so this is something we felt would be an excellent way of us contributing to those aims by supporting Children in Need through our musical talents.”

Aled Jones added: “It’s been great to work alongside The Salvation Army on this single and meet the talented musicians representing this Church and charity.

“The Salvation Army is a fantastic organisation that works with people who are isolated or in need in every community, which is why it’s been fitting to have them on board, to help us raise money for Children in Need this Christmas.

"Christmas Dream’ is an excellent, fun track, so go out and buy it and show you care this Christmas.”

John Ellwood, The Salvation Army’s Southern Divisional Director for Business Administration, said: "People are very generous to The Salvation Army at this time of the year, so, despite the busy season, it was a wonderful opportunity for us to give up some time for another worthwhile cause. It was a pleasure to be playing tuba with so many gifted artists and when we all came together for the video shoot there was a great sense of camaraderie and fun. Terry tried out my tuba, but having heard his efforts it was probably wise to let him sing!  However, when Eos from BOND picked up one of the band's trombones, it was clear that not only is she a brilliant violinist but an accomplished trombonist. I really hope and pray that for those children whose lives are not as they should be, that through Children in Need and our Christmas single, their circumstances will change for the better."   Hayley Westenra added: “It’s been fun and I am really excited to be a part of this track. It is a great team and The Salvation Army are brilliant musicians and as a charity do amazing work. It’s been really exciting to hear everything come together to create fantastic music and raise money for Children in Need.”

John Hanchett, bandmaster of Portsmouth Citadel band, said: “It’s been a wonderful opportunity to be making music together and to be able to support the excellent causes of Children in Need. As a Church and charity we look to support people in need and this has been a lovely way for us to use our musical abilities to help others.” The single will be available for download from iTunes on December 15. You can pre-order download now for 99p on iTunes or pre order the CD Christmas single for £5 online here (price includes postage & packaging).