People and symbols

The Salvation Army has a history spanning over 150 years starting in the United Kingdom and is now operating all across the world. In our rich heritage there are a range of people, themes and symbols that have helped shaped our vision.

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Themes and symbols in The Salvation Army


Read more about the Salvation Army's military link from WW1 to today.

Social Work

The Salvation Army is the largest provider of social care in the UK today, after the government.

Global Mission

The Salvation Army today is at work in 131 countries worldwide.


Not just a band on the streets and Christmas. Find out more about our the history and meaning of music to The Salvation Army.


Challenges and issues that The Salvation Army face.


Information about our uniform, flags and badges.

Our history

The Salvation Army has worked for over 150 years, transforming lives all over the UK.

Archive catalogue

Explore thousands of documents and books in our archive and library.

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Telling the story of The Salvation Army from its origins in the 1860s to today.