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People in  Kavwaya  village in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were getting ill. The village  were  using water collected from a local natural spring. 

Now there are no cases of water-related diseases reported at the health clinic.

Vicky's Story

The community was worried that the water was contaminated and it was making people ill. Everyone used the water – for drinking, cooking, washing and growing food. But it was not safe to use any more.

The community members met together to work out how to tackle the problem. They decided to approach the local Salvation Army health clinic for help. The Salvation Army helped the community to build a concrete protection around their spring to prevent the water from being contaminated before it could be collected.

Lots of community members got involved in the project. They collected stones and sand and helped with the construction. Vicky, one of the community members, took part by cooking and providing food for the workers. She said: ‘Now there are no cases of water-related diseases reported at the health clinic.’

Now that the community has clean water, Vicky is hopeful for the future, but she also knows that it is important to maintain the protected spring: ‘I believe that if we as community members are serious about maintaining the water source, then the future for myself, my children and the whole community will be good.’

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