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Katamari Mary is a 50-year-old widow and is the mother of three children. She lives on the outskirts of Kadoma in Zimbabwe and is a farmer. 

From my plot, I expect to harvest twice as much as I did last year.

Katamari's Story

Katamari’s family was going hungry. There was not enough rain to make the crops grow. Poor rainfall – a result of climate change – meant Katamari and her neighbours were struggling to grow enough food to provide for their families.

In response to this situation, The Salvation Army has worked with the community to provide training in conservation agriculture. Katamari learned how to increase her harvest when there is little rainfall, look after the soil to increase production and increase her farming knowledge. She said, ‘From my plot, I expect to harvest twice as much as I did last year. My maize is healthy and everyone is asking me what I did.’

Katamari went on to train four of her neighbours so they too can benefit from the improved farming techniques. The Salvation Army trained 29 farmers in simple agriculture techniques through this project. Thanks to each farmer passing on their knowledge to others, more than 500 people in this area have now improved their farming know-how and have improved their crops.

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