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Party conferences

Each year the leaders of the Free Churches including The Salvation Army, the Methodists, Quakers, Baptists and the United Reformed Church have organised a joint delegation to the main party conferences.     

 The purpose of this delegation is:

  • To enable church leaders to meet Christians and other politicians within the three main parties, to offer solidarity and to build relationships
  • To emphasise the importance of Christian engagement with politics and to demonstrate that the churches care deeply about political life
  • To bring to the attention of politicians some of the shared concerns of the churches, with a view to highlighting issues 

Here is a glimpse of our fringe event ‘Equal Dignity for all? - The Future of Adult Social Care' at the Conservative Party Conference 2017 in Manchester. 

In addition to this The Salvation Army holds meetings with MPs, Ministers and Shadow Minister relevant to the services we deliver on our front line. The highlight of our conference season is hosting a high profile Salvation Army fringe event with a Government Minister or Shadow Minister alongside a panel and audience of Salvation Army staff and clients.