One Thing

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‘One Thing’ is a three part teaching series on prayer. 

In this third and final series, ‘One thing for the world: Moving out in prayer’, we explore the connection between prayer and mission. How can we develop prayer strategies that help us see more people come to faith in Jesus, and how can we connect prayer into politics and social justice?

Please see below for a summary of each of the six sessions. 

The study guide for all six sessions is available for download as a PDF.

Videos of all seven sessions are available to view and/or download.

Session 1 – Building God’s Kingdom

What is mission? What is this kingdom-building work which God has called us into? In this first session of the series, we explore the mission of the first-century church, and we hear some stories of how church communities are getting involved in that same kingdom-building work two thousand years on.

Session 2 – Prayer as Mission

In this session, we examine the idea of prayer as mission. We’re used to praying for the mission activities we do, but what happens when prayer itself becomes our main mission activity? What if, instead of just telling people about Jesus, we offer to pray with them, making space for him to speak to them by his Spirit? It’s something we call ‘the encounter paradigm’. Watch this session to hear some great stories of life-changing encounter through prayer.

Session 3 – Prayer and Social Justice

Prayer is meant to be a source of strength and refreshment in our own lives, but it’s also meant to rewire the social, economic and political systems of our society. In this session we explore the connection between prayer and social justice, and we hear about how Christians are seeing prayer reshape the places where they live and work.

Session 4 – How does prayer work?

Have you ever wondered whether prayer actually changes things? In this session, we’ll be putting prayer under the microscope of theology, in a bid to discover more about how and why it works. We’ll also be hearing stories from some people who have turned to prayer in times of great pain and struggle.

Session 5 – Prayer and Transformation

In this session, we turn our attention from the workings of prayer to the effects of prayer. What happens when God’s Kingdom people take prayer seriously? What happens when churches commit to praying for their local neighbourhood? What happens when we invite God to do the impossible in the lives of the people around us? Watch this session for some truly remarkable stories of transformation.

Session 6 – The Wonder of Prayer

This session looks back over some of the key themes we’ve explored throughout the three seasons of the ‘One Thing Prayer School’. We’ve asked a whole host of people to talk to us about why prayer is so important to them. Some may be familiar to you, and some probably won’t, but together they serve up a feast of wisdom and wonder.

One Thing Prayer School

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One Thing DVD

Each session includes teaching on a particular theme, with interspersed with opportunities for discussion and reflection.  

This DVD will introduce you to the fun and freedom of discovering your prayer personality and building your personal prayer rhythm.

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One Thing

‘One Thing’ is a three part teaching series on prayer. 

One Thing for us

‘One Thing’ is a three part teaching series on prayer. 

One Thing for the church

‘One Thing’ is a three part teaching series on prayer. 

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