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Oldbury Community Church Retreat 2013

For the weekend of 24th February, Oldbury Community Church took some time out at The Pioneer Centre, near Bewdley. The theme for the weekend, led by Majors (rtd.) Vic & Miriam Kennedy was ' Faith That Works', taken from the Letter of James. As well as being a condensed version of the whole Gospel, this book led the corps to consider its ability to support the community even more than it is now.

Comments made during the weekend included suggestions as to how we as a corps can engage with our community, given that, as this book teaches us, we are 'Saved to Serve'.These suggestions will be considered by the leadership of the corps to work out how we can incorporate these ideas into our worship programme, enabling others to know God's love more. We were reminded not to have a 'pity party', where we complain about our problems, but to help tackle the difficulties others are facing, in order that they might know God's peace.

As well as some deeply challenging and inspiring teaching, we enjoyed a great time of fellowship and friendship-building, and many of us laughed more than we have done for a very long time.