The benefits of a long weekend

AT last it has arrived – the first long bank holiday weekend of the year. To many employees it brings four days off work and a hope for some good weather. This weekend can provide a great break with the longer days that have arrived since the clocks went forward.

When families become homeless children are the first victims


This gave him a standing among his friends and schoolmates which allowed him to walk tall and face the world with confidence.

And then, through no fault of his, his family life was completely shattered when his parents became homeless. As luck would have it, John’s family ended up living in emergency accommodation a long, long way away from their original home.

Despite this, John tried his level best to continue to turn up for training and football matches, but, in the end, it was all just too far away and they could no longer depend on him.

From addiction to costume and drama

WERUCHE OPIA is an actress who has appeared in TV programmes including the drama Top Boy and the comedies Bad Education and Inside No 9. She is also the CEO of her own clothing line, Jesus Junkie. But a bad decision she made earlier in life almost prevented her from establishing her two careers.

‘Before I went to university, I had a rough period when I was heavily into cannabis,’ reveals Weruche. ‘I used to hang around with some friends who sold it. After some time I decided to try it, and the habit started.

Examining the evidence, peace by peace

QUESTIONS have been playing on actor David Suchet’s mind. ‘From the beginnings of my conversion to Christianity in 1986,’ he says, ‘I’ve been troubled by the antagonism between the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They all come from the same root in the Old Testament. So if we all believe in the same God, and if we know God to be the God of love, compassion and patience, where’s it going wrong? I wanted to investigate.’

Story stands the test of time

WHEN schoolgirl Meg Murry (Storm Reid) learns that her father, who had mysteriously disappeared, is alive but in danger, she sets off to try to save him. Cinemagoers who watch A Wrinkle in Time, released yesterday (Friday 23 March), will find out if she is successful.

The rest is history... and more

HISTORIAN Mary Beard was looking at a painting of Jesus’ crucifixion. Reflecting on the Tintoretto masterpiece during BBC Two’s Civilisations on Thursday (22 March), she said the message of the painting was that ‘the Crucifixion is both a historical event in past time and a religious event which breaks down the barriers of time and space’.

On good authority

PEOPLE are not always taken at face value nowadays. Practically every facet of everyday life requires some proof of identity. We need it to purchase our season tickets and bus pass and many employees have to wear a name badge in the workplace. Even people in authority and positions of trust, such as police officers, are required to show some form of official credentials when called to an incident.