Unveiled Wisdom

AS we near the end of our A to Z of the Bible, we come across some interesting questions.

Why do Jews eat a special type of bread at Passover? Why were some people considered ‘unclean’ and not allowed to take their place in society? How wise were the wise men? Here are some of the answers:

All in the mind's eye?

Dr Zahl, what is your job?

I am a consultant for Templeton World Charity Foundation, which supports research and dissemination of information about big questions of meaning, purpose, and ultimate reality that sit at the interface of science and religion.

No-go area

If the defining characteristics of a country could be described in only one word, ‘tolerance’ might well be attached to ‘United Kingdom’. The UK has a long history of sheltering the oppressed, welcoming the persecuted and being home and workplace to people from all over the world. Multicultural Britain is underpinned by

legislation that treats all people as equal and provides legal redress for racist and hate crimes.

Bear Grylls Survival Race

Join #TeamSallyArmy with this innovative race and learn a few things along the way!

The Bear Grylls Survival Race provides the ultimate challenge. Enjoy taking part in 5k and 10k races but fancy something with a twist? With a variety of obstacles and settings, this is a memorable race for those who fancy a unique challenge and is designed to push you to your limits! Battle the elements of the Desert, Arctic, Jungle, and Mountain through our bespoke Obstacles and Survival Challenges – testing your ability to endure a range of real-world survival scenarios.

Inside the mind of prisoners

FOR years, Jorgen Booth has been interested in prisons and prisoners across the UK, USA and Spain. As a Salvation Army officer, he has offered counselling and therapy to offenders. In recent times, he has worked as a Salvation Army chaplain in a large London prison.

T-time with the Bible

SOME of the ‘T’ words which we are exploring in this week’s Bible A to Z deal with monetary offerings, basic rules for life and a major event in the life of Jesus.

Tabernacle: A tent or temporary dwelling place (see Exodus 33:7–11). A portable worship centre used by the Israelites until the Temple was built in Jerusalem.

Putting the 'believe' into unbelieveable

On a Saturday afternoon in November 2005, an Anglican priest and his non-believing neighbour sat down to have a chat about faith. The priest explained why he believed in God. His neighbour explained why he didn’t. The conversation was broadcast live on Unbelievable?, a brand new programme by Premier Christian Radio, presented by Justin Brierley.

‘After that one programme, calls came flooding in,’ Justin tells me, over a cup of tea at the Premier studios. ‘And today, nearly 12 years later, we are continuing to attract guests

Terror plot

WESTMINSTER, Manchester, London Bridge, Finsbury Park… So runs the litany of terror attacks in the UK this year. However death and destruction is delivered – to the many or to an individual – a common reaction is to wonder: How can these people do such evil?
Typically, in the aftermath of an incident the authorities review security procedures. The heart of the problem, though, is to understand why somebody would blow themselves up and take countless strangers with them.

Good to go

MANY people know Pret A Manger simply as a coffee and food chain. But for more than 20 years, through its charity arm the Pret Foundation Trust and support programmes such as Rising Stars, the company has been working to help ex-offenders find work.
‘As far as we’re concerned, they’ve paid their dues, they’ve done their time and that’s good enough,’ says Pret Foundation Trust head Nicki Fisher. ‘If you give people who have
been down on their luck an opportunity, you get so much loyalty and commitment in return.’

Sabbath- and the rest

THIS week’s letter covers an important prophet, a king and various aspects of Jewish life and religion.

Sabbath: The seventh day of the week (Saturday) in the Jewish calendar. God ceased his work of Creation on the Sabbath (see Genesis 2:2, 3) and commanded that it be a day of rest and worship (see Exodus 20:8–11).

Sackcloth: Rough clothing made of goat or camel hair, worn as a sign of mourning, repentance over a personal sin or sorrow over disaster.