Bless you: The Tiptree 'elephant' sneeze becomes YouTube sensation

published on 17 Mar 2014

'The Tiptree Sneeze', which captures a Salvation Army bandsman unavoidably sneezing into a trombone during a church concert, has become a YouTube sensation - racking up more than 1.5 million views online.


Julian Bright of The Salvation Army's London Central Fellowship Band first posted the video, which has been doing the rounds on the Web, three weeks ago.

The good spirited video has already featured on the likes of the BBC, the front page of Reddit, ITV, Daily Mail, MSN, Yahoo!, Metro and the Telegraph websites.

Some online publications have likened the sneeze to that of an elephant call.

A huge well done to the player, the band and conductor  who didn't flinch at all and carried on with the performance like nothing happened.

Bless you!

And here's some of the social media reaction so far...