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The Newest Develop Magazine is Out!

The newest Develop Magazine is out, and it’s packed with great information about our International Development work!  In this colourful magazine we share engaging stories about the newest happenings in all of our programmes - Watershed, Farm, Generation, Human Trafficking, and Embrace.

Here are a few highlights:

•Grown in China: A land of extreme contrast and rich diversity, China is developing at an astounding rate. Journey with our director, Major Heather Poxon as she experienced how growing an unexpected summer fruit is tackling hunger and poverty in rural China.•

•The Empowered Businesswoman: Poverty often hits women the hardest as they are marginalised within their families and society. Read how our microfinance programme is bringing respect and an income to women in Tanzania, with life-changing results.

•Who Owns Water: Some estimate that 50,000 boreholes in Africa are out of service due to insufficient repairs and missing parts. Find out how our WATERSHED projects avoid this demise through village committees in Malawi.

•Schools and Sugar: Sugar loses its sweetness as we learn how Kenyan families are unable to provide more than one meal per day for their children whilst their land is held captive by commercial sugarcane production. See how we’re providing education and nutritional support to 160 nursery school children.

This Develop also holds photos and updates from our latest campaigns, thought-provoking words from our editor on the global wealth gap and informative graphs on how we spend your money.

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