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MSP salutes work of Salvation Army in Easterhouse

Pamela Mitchell, Tom Mitchell, Humza Yousaf MSP and Major Russell Wyles   Glasgow MSP Humza Yousaf has praised The Salvation Army in Easterhouse after spending an afternoon at the corps. And Humza, who is also the Minister for External Affairs and International Development, was so impressed by the work of corps assistants Tom and Pamela Mitchell that he has promised to come back as a volunteer.   The 27-year-old said: “The mission work being done at Easterhouse is fantastic and, if Tom and Pamela are happy, I'd like to come back soon – not as a politician but to help out with one of the projects." The husband and wife team run a range of programmes including a food bank, women's aid, community garden and men's fellowship evening called Jacob's Ladder.   And Humza added: “It was great to visit The Salvation Army in Easterhouse and see the important work they do. Speaking to Tom and Pamela I heard about the services the Salvation Army provide for the Easterhouse community, and how well used the Corps is.   “But it's a real indictment on our society that in the 21st Century we have to provide food banks for people living on our doorsteps. However, it's heartening to see local businesses and people donating food to the food bank for those who are in need, and there is a drop off location in the local Morrisons if people have items they would like to donate"  

Art class members Rena Littlewood and James Doonan flank Humza Yousaf MSP and Tom

Major Russell Wyles, Divisional Leader for The Salvation Army in the West of Scotland, thanked Yousaf for spending time with staff and members at the corps on Auchencrow Street and said he was looking forward to welcoming him back in a volunteering capacity.

Major Russell said: "Yousaf made himself at home at Easterhouse and spent a couple of hours touring the corps and chatting to some of the members of the art class. He’s offered to come back as a volunteer so I’ll be holding him to that.”