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Mo - 'The Gateway'

The Gateway project found Mo - he was no longer 'lost in the system.'

For the first time in many years I'm starting to feel well and settled.

The Gateway

The Gateway act as single points of assessment, from which homeless people get referred to hostels or housing. In Cardiff, The Salvation Army co-ordinates this and so can track the progress of people who come to The Bus Project. This prevents people getting ‘lost in the system’ and leads to more people being resettled.

Yvonne Connolly, programme co-ordinator, said: "The Gateway is designed to reduce homelessness, challenge discrimination and improve the health and wellbeing of homeless people in Cardiff. Partnership working is crucial to the success of the Gateway and we work with a number of external agencies including Mental Health Assertive Outreach Team (MHAOT), South Wales Police, Housing Advice and Neighbourhood Renewal Outreach Team."

One service user, Mo, had been sleeping rough in London and Bristol when he first arrived at the Gateway project. He was given emergency accommodation and Yvonne and her team began working to establish a positive outcome to his housing need.

Gateway staff had concerns about Mo's mental health and contacted MHAOT. From this referral it was established that he was known to Mental Health Services. He was further assessed and offered medication and ongoing support.

Gateway staff continued to see and support Mo every day but their concerns for his health began to grow. These concerns were relayed to other partners of the Gateway project and Mo was given a small living area of his own at the Hubbard Centre.

He continues to engage well with mental health services, is looking into his long-term housing options and is currently volunteering with the Big Issue.

Mo thanked the staff at the Gateway project for their support. He said: "For the first time in many years I'm starting to feel well and settled."

Addiction Support

Specialist detox centres, rehabilitation and support programmes to facilitate recovery and integration in the community