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The Music and Creative Arts team supports and develops a growing and diversifying expression of music relevant for worship and mission. Our mission is to encourage innovation and creativity, provide resources, develop good practice and build and enhance relationships.

Symphony Sounds (2 - 4 June 2017, Birmingham)

This year our Symphony Sounds weekend commences on Friday 2 June with ‘An evening with Silvie Paladino’, supported by Birmingham Citadel Songsters and compèred by Andrew Blyth (Music Editorial). This exciting evening will be held at Birmingham Citadel Salvation Army.

Our Symphony Sounds Concert begins on Saturday 3 June at 6:30pm at Symphony Hall, Birmingham. We invite you to join us for this celebration of music and creative arts.

This year we include programme items from Silvie Paladino, The AUS Territorial Youth Band, The International Staff Band & International Staff Songsters.

We will also be including a reprensatation of Youth Bands & Youth Choruses from around the territory and worship group Meraki in our foyer concerts, commencing from 1.30pm . Come and support our Salvation Army youth!

Order tickets from: or phone 0121 780 3333. Available now!


Music and Creative Arts Leaders’ Councils

Led by our Territorial Leaders, Commissioners Clive and Marianne Adams, this event is open to all senior music leaders, deputies, retireds and spouses and is NOW extended to YP Band Leaders, Singing Company Leaders, Worship Group leaders, Divisional Youth Band/Chorus Leaders, Fellowship Bandmasters and Creative Arts Leaders. Please download this form for more details: Symphony Sounds and Music Leaders Councils Form

Territorial Music School

Held in the summer holiday, TMS is open to young musicians aged between 16 & 30 who regularly attend a Salvation Army corps. The week is geared to developing the musical and spiritual life of our young people. Application forms for Territorial Music School 2017 are now available here: TMS 2017 Application Form

Territorial Youth Band and Territorial Youth Choir

Held in the February half-term week, these courses are designed to explore the musical, spiritual and leadership potential of our younger musicians. With an age range of 12-20 (Youth Choir) and 12-18 (Youth Band), they provide a high level of musical training within a Salvation Army framework that also offers strong spiritual teaching. 



Easter Music Course

This course is structured to provide a week of Christian fellowship and music-making for those aged 30 and over. A female voice choir and a brass band are the two main musical expressions, along with whole school vocal. There is no upper age limit on this course.

For further details or application forms email or phone 020 7367 4965.