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War Cry comments on war

Speculation was rife that she had endured torture

IT may never make it onto the pages of a nouvelle cuisine cookbook but, thanks to a new film, the world now knows that potato peel pie is a real dish.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society depicts the life of people on the island while it was under Nazi occupation during the Second World War. In this issue of The War Cry Barbara Lyne describes some of the reality of that time as she recalls her experience of growing up on Guernsey with people who had lived through the war.

Not everyone survived their treatment at the hands of the occupying force. A Salvation Army church leader, Major Marie Ozanne, was living in Guernsey when it was invaded in 1940. The Salvation Army was banned during the occupation, but Marie continued to preach and condemn Nazi policies in public, even after her uniform was confiscated.

Eventually she was imprisoned. No one knows for certain what happened during her incarceration, but she died in 1943 at the age of 37, shortly after her release on the grounds of ill-health. Traces of poison were found in her body at the post-mortem examination, and speculation was rife that she had endured torture.

Marie’s story is a reminder of the reality of the horror that war brings. It’s a reality that can be easily lost on those who have never experienced it themselves.

When our experience of war comes only from a screen showing the latest film, a war-themed video game or a news report it is possible to detach ourselves from the horrors the images portray – even if they are images from present conflicts.

But war brings real misery, injury and death. At a time when tensions are rising between some nation states, it is a truth that should be at the forefront of all political leaders’ minds.

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