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No one should be as lonely as Ted

You’ve made me feel I have something left to live for'


Ted's story

Ted was an active young man, serving in the British Army and travelling the world before becoming a civil engineer. Now 88-years-old, he lives alone in a small flat. Sadly his wife, Marjorie passed away a few years ago and his son moved to Australia. Suffering from severe angina, Ted rarely leaves the flat and now spends long days alone with only his memories for company.

As soon as we heard about Ted we arranged for one of our Good Neighbours volunteers to visit him. He now gets a weekly visit from a kind and caring volunteer, Dawn. Ted loves having a new friend and enjoys talking about anything and everything. Having someone to chat to about Marjorie has really helped him come to terms with losing her.

Please help us reach out in friendship to more lonely and unhappy people

Anyone can end up lonely and isolated. That’s why we also run youth clubs for vulnerable young people, parent-and-toddler groups to support single parents, and lunches for older people. Every day, in communities all over the UK, The Salvation Army is fighting its own quiet ‘war’ against loneliness and isolation. Please help us win this fight with a donation today.

A gift of:

£25 could help to pay for a Good Neighbours organiser to visit a lonely older person and match them with the right volunteer to visit them regularly.

£58 could meet the cost of two officers to run a Salvation Army centre for a day – to keep the door open to welcome lonely and vulnerable people.

£112 could help pay for 20 lonely older people to enjoy a proper lunch and friendship at one of the lunch clubs we organise at our Salvation Army community centres.

Please make a donation to our Isolation Appeal today using our simple, secure online donation form. Alternatively you can call us on 020 7367 4800, email us on or download our postal form.


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