Emergency Response

Emergency Response

The Salvation Army International Development UK is an umbrella term for the community development work that The Salvation Army United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland supports around the world. 

This work is divided into six themes, four of which sit within the International Projects Office (Clean Water,  Emergency Response, Food Security and Income Generation), and two of which sit within Anti-Trafficking & Modern Slavery (Anti-Trafficking and Gender Justice). We are also responsible for overseeing the transfer of funds for the UK’s Mission Support Allocation (money donated through the annual Self-Denial Appeal).

The Salvation Army has always been well known for responding when people are affected by natural disasters. This has been, and still is, an integral part of The Salvation Army’s mission. Often, when a disaster or emergency situation is featured in the UK media, our team is inundated with messages from our supporters asking not ‘will The Salvation Army respond?’ but ‘what are we already doing?’ This speaks strongly of the understanding that this movement, deeply rooted in social justice and practical response, is called to take action for those in need. 

When responding to large-scale international disasters, it is important to note that we do not fly in large numbers of expatriate experts or paid professionals to co-ordinate the response. We work mainly with our local Salvation Army personnel who volunteer their time above and beyond the commitments they already have, and take a lead from the local Salvation Army Territory in order to guide our international emergency response. 

SAID UK are involved in supporting territories around the world as they respond to disasters. Recent programmes include;

  • Refugee Support in Athens, Greece
  • Cyclone Relief in South India 
  • Support to Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh 
  • Food Distribution in Karonga, Malawi    
  • Floods in Charata City, Argentina 
  • Earthquake and Tsunami Response, Indonesia    
  • Cyclone Idai Relief, Mozambique
  • Hurricane Dorian Response, Bahamas
  • Bushfire response, Australia