Have you felt inspired to organise a trip to another country to do something good for other people? The Salvation Army International Development (SAID) UK team can help!

We have developed a set of resources that can help you plan a trip with maximum positive impact for all involved, offering advice and useful tips for you as team leader and tools to inspire your team and help them reflect on the learning experience of their lives.


Leader’s Guide

Whether you have experience leading such trips or have never done anything like this in your life, the Leader’s Guide has been created to give you the latest best practice and tips to maximise your trip’s impact – on both your team and the people you are going to serve and learn fromThe GLIMPSE Leader’s Guide is intended to help you turn your ideas or flash of inspiration into the most amazing, exciting and fruitful adventure you and your future team members will have ever been on and view the trip within the wider context of life as a disciple of Jesus.


Glimpse Journal

Your GLIMPSE journal will help you to plan, remember and reflect on your trip.

The Journal is a resource to help team members reflect during their GLIMPSE journey.  - as you prepare, while you’re on your trip, and when you get back home. It’s designed to be like the kind of product you’d find in any high quality stationer’s and team members can use it however they see fit. We’ll send a copy with each Leader’s Guide for you to check out, and if you agree that it would be a helpful resource for your team, we can send you enough for each of your team about 6 months before the trip, for a small fee.

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