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Inclusive church

As a Christian church we believe that everyone is created in the image of God and therefore everyone is of infinite worth. But each person is also a unique individual with unique characteristics, beliefs and abilities.

She offers spiritual support and reassurance and helps them to feel loved and valued by the wider church family

As Jesus came to give humanity true and complete fulfilment without discrimination, we seek to be totally inclusive and to remove all barriers to church life so that everyone has the chance to reach their full God-given potential. We see no biblical grounds to discriminate, marginalise or persecute any individual due to age, gender, race, beliefs, sexuality, abilities or wealth.

Our church family embraces all ages, promoting activities for children, adults and older people, from toddler groups and children’s clubs, to youth choirs, adult bible studies and clubs for over 60s. Men and women are considered equally within these activities and are given equal opportunities throughout church leadership and ministry. Where there are individuals with physical or learning disabilities connected with the church, our activities and worship strive to meet their needs. This could include making the building accessible for wheelchair users or providing specialist worship for people with learning disabilities, as seen at our Clitheroe and Sutton churches.

Our churches also recognise and reflect the cultural diversity of our nation and aim to make worship and activities relevant to the demographic of the local community and congregation. For example, at our Regent Hall church in London there is an international fellowship that embraces all cultural backgrounds, while at Birmingham Citadel there is an African choir and a modern worship band in addition to a brass band and traditional choir.