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IF - Enough Food for Everyone

So many amazing things have happened since the IF campaign launch back in January. 


Thank you - you were amazing!

From 500 George Osbornes marching on Westminster, to over 50,000 people in London and Belfast rallying for change, to getting our issues at the top of the G8 agenda, you've been there every step of the way. Today, you can be extremely proud of what you've achieved. You campaigned hard on aid, tax and land. Here's what happened:


The UK government kept its promise to spend 0.7% of GNI on aid - something we've been campaigning for since the 1970s. And G8 leaders pledged an extra $4.1 billion that could help tackle malnutrition and save the lives of almost two million children.


For the first time ever, land grabs were on the G8 agenda. World leaders agreed to set up pilot partnerships with developing countries to make buying, selling and owning land fairer.

Tax & transparency

David Cameron announced that all UK-affiliated tax havens will now have to share information about the companies using them. And G8 leaders agreed that information from all companies should now be open to scrutiny by tax authorities in developing countries.

A great step forward - but more to do

Thanks to you, we have taken a great step forward for the world's poorest people. We've launched the most sustained assault in history on hunger and its causes - work that will continue to make this the beginning of the end of hunger.