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Together We Rise

We are living in an increasingly individualistic society. In our efforts to please ourselves we are seeing our sense of community spirit reduced. But we were made for community.   

We were designed to live together, share together and grow together

In some places many people may be materially poor but they are rich in community. It is this natural resource that we are utilising for a number of savings groups which are rising up in different parts of the world.

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These groups are literally investing in their future – both with their time and their money – building up a bank of knowledge and income which will equip them and their children to defeat their material poverty.

By engaging in these projects women not only become social entrepreneurs, but also social activists, empowered to bring about change in their communities.

Help communities to rise up and tackle their own poverty together…

> Call us to donate over the phone: 020 7367 4777

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> Rise up as a group and raise funds together. There are lots of ways you can work together with your community to raise money for Together We Rise. Here are just a few:

  • Host a COMMUNITY FUN DAY with activities, crafts and games for all ages. It could include face painting, bouncy castle, five-a-side tournament, barbecue or garden party.
  • Hold a ‘BAKE OFF’ competition – charge a fee to enter and sell the entries at your church/group meeting or a community event.
  • Organise a KNITTING RACE and see who can knit a scarf the quickest. If you’ve got pro knitters in your midst, why not see who can knit the most scarves within a set time?


Together We Rise was originally a Helping-Hand Appeal theme, however, you can still download and use the resources below to engage your church or group with The Salvation Army's income generation work.




Overview Presentation


Savings Group Stories

What Is A Savings Group?

In community savings groups members meet together every week to share together and save small amounts of money. This builds up a communal fund which they can each draw on to build their businesses and use as a form of insurance against unexpected costs (such as healthcare).