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We run a number of programmes that seek to resource, empower and support developing communities in building a better life.

Cry Freedom

All around the world traffickers prey on those who are vulnerable and exploit that vulnerability for profit.

We can stand up for those whose voices have been silenced by traffickers, those loud and bright souls being kept hidden.

Will you join us and CRY FREEDOM?


By giving water, you give life to communities.

Find out how you can GIVE WATER and GIVE LIFE through our WATERSHED appeal.


There are a billion people going hungry in our world. The majority of those going hungry are poor farmers.

Join us as we Get Hungry for Change and stand up for the billions who need more access to food. 

Find out more about FARM


The world's income is incredibly skewed towards the rich few and away from the majority. We need to shift the balance by investing in this impoverished generation. 

Find out more about GENERATION