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Kakwesi's story

Kakwesi is 68 and lives in the rural community of Tawa in eastern Kenya. 

‘I get water from the river, which is far away. Because of this I have to stop and rest along the way before carrying on

She makes the four-kilometre trek to the river and back four times a day to collect enough water for her and her grandchildren.

'I can’t get enough water because it is too far to carry it all in one go.

At times, the water is not clean enough and we all get sick. One rainy season we all become very ill with vomiting and diarrhoea and had to go to the hospital.’

The Salvation Army is working with the community to introduce a sand-dam to this river. This will help to create a natural build up of sand next to the dam which acts as both filter and tank, storing a small amount of the river’s flow for the dry season and removing impurities. The community will then have more reliable access to clean water throughout the year, as well as raising the water table of the area and enabling more crops to be grown.

‘When the dam is built I will be able to get water faster and I will use the time I save in my home. It will be very useful.

My hope is that I can then plant trees for shade and food and that my children will be able to have farms in order to earn a living.’

Give water and you can give life to women like Kakwesi, as well as her family.