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World Cup Anti-Trafficking Campaign

During international events, such as the World Cup, a large influx of people leads to an increased demand for various services, some of which are provided using slave labour.

    • At least 3 million fans expected to attend matches at World Cup 2018
    • Russia is a source, transit and destination country for trafficked persons
    • Estimated 1,049,000 people living in exploitative or slave-like conditions in Russia

    There is currently no anti-trafficking law in Russia and the government does not fully meet minimum standards to alleviate trafficking. Therefore, many women, men and children are at risk of being trafficked for forced labour or prostitution.

    The Salvation Army in the UK and Russia are working together to prevent human trafficking during the World Cup through an awareness project. The project aims to reduce people’s vulnerability to exploitation and to kick trafficking out of the World Cup! This includes:


    • Training social workers, Salvation Army staff and corps members to spot the signs of trafficking
    • Developing a robust referral system to ensure victims are efficiently identified and protected
    • Producing printed and promotional materials to highlight the issue of human trafficking to members of the public
    • Partnering with local NGOs to develop a networked response to trafficking

    This project is supported by The Salvation Army International Development UK. For more information about our anti-trafficking projects and community development work, visit: