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Hidden in Justice - War Cry

  • Hidden In Justice: The Verdict

    21 October: To conclude the series, Nigel Bovey reviews its findings

  • We offer women ex-offenders a working chance

    14 October: Jocelyn Hillman tells Claire Brine why she is helping women with convictions find jobs

  • Detention is going nowhere

    7 October: Former duty director at Brook House, the Rev NATHAN WARD tells Linda McTurk why he is committed to speaking out against indefinite immigration detention without trial

  • We help former prisoners stand on their own two feet

    30 September: Simon Edwards tells Renée Davis about Walk Ministries

  • Life was agony

    23 September: Rosemary Dawson considers everyday ideas that go way back to the 66 books of the Bible 

  • Release from prison can be followed by rehabilitation

    16 September: Volunteers are helping sex offenders face what they have done, Riana Taylor tells Philip Halcrow

  • Doctors give attention to those in detention

    9 September: Emma Ginn tells Linda McTurk how the charity Medical Justice advocates the healthcare rights of immigration detainees
  • On the right track for going straight

    2 Sept: Diego Fuentes tells Claire Brine why Virgin Trains is running recruitment fairs in prison
  • T-time with the Bible

    26 Aug: Prison counsellor Jorgen Booth talks to Claire Brine 
  • Good to go

    19 Aug: Head of the Pret Foundation Trust Nicki Fisher speaks to Renee Davis about how the food company is helping ex-offenders 
  • I am being punished for what my son did

    12 Aug: SUSAN DART describes how she discovered the unforeseen consequences of a conviction. As told to Nigel Bovey
  • What about the kids?

    5 Aug: NANCY LOUCKS, chief executive of Families Outside, tells Renée Davis how the charity is helping the spouses and children of prisoners
  • Something old, something new

    29 July: VAL WAWROSZ and STEVE FREER tell Philip Halcrow why they link up employers with prisoners
  • It's not fair that they are punished for my past

    22 July: Ex-offender Greg Stevenson tells Claire Brine how his family are still considered guilty by association
  • There is not enough support for sex offenders when they leave prison

    15 July:For 19 years, Majors PAUL and RITA CONLEY have been Salvation Army chaplains at HMP Wymott. In 2014, they received the prestigious Butler Trust Award for their work in setting up a day centre for the prison’s older and disabled inmates. Many of the men in their care are on the sex offenders register. Paul and Rita talk to Nigel Bovey about their ministry
  • Safeguarding balances protection and rehabilitation

    24 June: The safeguarding of vulnerable people is a policy that many employers, charities and organisations, including the Church, practise. In practice, this includes a potential employee, member or volunteer undergoing a criminal record check through the Government’s Disclosure and Barring Service. Sometimes, though, an innocent spouse is barred because of their partner’s criminal past, as Anglican priest PHILIP HEWES tells Nigel Bovey
  • A young prisoner asked me: What do I do when I get out?

    17 June:  The Rev PAUL COWLEY talks to Renée Davis about life after prison and starting a charity for ex-offenders
  • A second chance would be just the job

    10 June: REBECCA KEATING of The Salvation Army’s Employment Plus service tells Philip Halcrow about the problems that people with convictions face in their search for work
  • When I went to prison, I thought: 'This is my lesson'

    3 June: Javed Ali tells Claire Brine how he used the embroidery skills he learnt in prison to start his own business 
  • As soon as they see you have a conviction, they judge you

    27 May: John Wright describes his experiences of looking for work after being released from prison. As told to Philip Halcrow
  • The true story is that children are victims of their parents' imprisonment

    20 May: SHARON BERRY tells Claire Brine why she helps parents in prison record stories for their children
  • Hidden In Justice survey

    13 May: Hidden In Justice survey
  • Prisoners know we are there for them

    6 May: Chaplain COLIN STYLES tells Philip Halcrow about supporting people through difficult times
  • Does the law help rehabilitation?

    29 April: Many ex-offenders find it a barrier to getting a job and going straight. Former Justice Minister ANDREW SELOUS, MP, talks to Nigel Bovey about help for ex-offenders
  • God's love knows no bars

    22 April: Jonathan Aitken talks to Renée Davis about rehabilitation and life after prison
  • Beyond the call of duties

    15 April: Major David Emery tells Philip Halcrow about the work of chaplains
  • Nobody knows the heartache

    8 April: Bob Nelson, a father, speaks honestly about his son, who,  spent nine years in prison
  • An ex-offender shouldn't have to serve a sentence for ever

    1 April: Bob Nelson, a father, speaks honestly about his son, who,  spent nine years in prison
  • Insurance punishment can be excessive

    25 March: Purchasing insurance – for ex-offenders and for their family, can be a challenge, as Gordon Dewar, managing director of the Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation (SAGIC), tells Nigel Bovey
  • Punished for something I haven't done

    18 March: Jane Roe, the wife of a convicted criminal, describes how the insurance industry is punishing innocent family members. As told to Nigel Bovey
  • Hidden in justice launch

    18 March: The War Cry launches a groundbreaking series that will reveal hidden injustice faced by prisoners' families and ex-offenders