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Hidden in Justice - War Cry

  • A young prisoner asked me: What do I do when I get out?

    17 June:  The Rev PAUL COWLEY talks to Renée Davis about life after prison and starting a charity for ex-offenders
  • A second chance would be just the job

    10 June: REBECCA KEATING of The Salvation Army’s Employment Plus service tells Philip Halcrow about the problems that people with convictions face in their search for work
  • When I went to prison, I thought: 'This is my lesson'

    3 June: Javed Ali tells Claire Brine how he used the embroidery skills he learnt in prison to start his own business 
  • As soon as they see you have a conviction, they judge you

    27 May: John Wright describes his experiences of looking for work after being released from prison. As told to Philip Halcrow
  • The true story is that children are victims of their parents' imprisonment

    20 May: SHARON BERRY tells Claire Brine why she helps parents in prison record stories for their children
  • Hidden In Justice survey

    13 May: Hidden In Justice survey
  • Prisoners know we are there for them

    6 May: Chaplain COLIN STYLES tells Philip Halcrow about supporting people through difficult times
  • Does the law help rehabilitation?

    29 April: Many ex-offenders find it a barrier to getting a job and going straight. Former Justice Minister ANDREW SELOUS, MP, talks to Nigel Bovey about help for ex-offenders
  • God's love knows no bars

    22 April: Jonathan Aitken talks to Renée Davis about rehabilitation and life after prison
  • Beyond the call of duties

    15 April: Major David Emery tells Philip Halcrow about the work of chaplains
  • Nobody knows the heartache

    8 April: Bob Nelson, a father, speaks honestly about his son, who,  spent nine years in prison
  • An ex-offender shouldn't have to serve a sentence for ever

    1 April: Bob Nelson, a father, speaks honestly about his son, who,  spent nine years in prison
  • Insurance punishment can be excessive

    25 March: Purchasing insurance – for ex-offenders and for their family, can be a challenge, as Gordon Dewar, managing director of the Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation (SAGIC), tells Nigel Bovey
  • Punished for something I haven't done

    18 March: Jane Roe, the wife of a convicted criminal, describes how the insurance industry is punishing innocent family members. As told to Nigel Bovey
  • Hidden in justice launch

    18 March: The War Cry launches a groundbreaking series that will reveal hidden injustice faced by prisoners' families and ex-offenders