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Guilt and inner sense

ROSEMARY DAWSON navigates through some of the people, places and themes in the Bible

Conversion is a turning from sin and wrongdoing

A TITLE applied to Jesus is among the entries in our survey of biblical words beginning with ‘C’.

Cana: A village in Galilee where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water

into wine at a wedding (see John 2:1–11).

Canaan: Also known as ‘the Promised Land’. Situated between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea, it was given by God to the ancient Israelites.

Chosen people: Another name for the Jewish people (who in the early part of the Bible also appear as ‘Hebrews’ and ‘Israelites’). Beginning with Abraham, God chose to reveal himself to them and establish a covenant with them. He wanted them to share their knowledge of him and his ways with other people.

Christ: Means ‘Anointed One’ and designates someone specially chosen for an important purpose. The title identifies Jesus as the anointed Son of God (see Matthew 16:16). ‘Christ’ is the Greek word for the Hebrew word ‘Messiah’. ‘Jesus’ is generally used as his personal name, and ‘Christ’ as his eternal name.

Commandments: The most famous of God’s commandments, or laws, are known as the ‘Ten Commandments’ (see Exodus 20:3–17; Deuteronomy 5:7–21). Given to Moses on Mount Sinai, the first four are about a person’s relationship with God. The other six are about the standards of personal and interpersonal behaviour expected of God’s people.

Conscience: An inner sense of what is right and wrong.

Conversion: A turning from sin and wrongdoing; confessing our faults and asking God to forgive us; seeking to live a better life; experiencing a change of mind and heart and receiving God’s gift of salvation.

Crucifixion: Roman crucifixion was a painful and shameful way to die. It was usually reserved for slaves and foreigners. Most victims were severely beaten before being nailed or tied to a large wooden cross. Some took many days to die. Jesus was put to death in this way.

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